Around 2016, a number of people in relationships in the Sydney area where one partner transitioned noticed two key gaps in the available support services:

  • A lack of support and social groups for non-transitioning partners
  • A lack of social groups for the people in relationships to be among other people who were at least attempting to make such a relationship work

Taking things into their own hands, two secret Facebook groups were set up to create spaces to solve these issues. The positive side of secret Facebook groups is they maintain privacy as nobody can see who is in them, but the drawback is that nobody can find them!

Hence this site has been set up to gain some visibility, allowing people to request access to these groups. These requests will be reviewed by the group Administrators, and then people will be added if the requests appear legitimate.

Those involved have found that one of the most powerful types of support available has simply been knowing that other people exist who understand and can empathise with their experiences. Many direct connections have been made between individuals in the groups that don't necessarily get reflected in group discussions.

There are now members in both groups from across Australia.

It is worth noting that nobody involved in these groups brings formal counseling or support qualifications. This is peer support for the community, by the community.


Friends in Solidarity

Friends in Solidarity is a peer to peer social and support group for non transitioning partners and ex-partners of Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) folks. The group is inclusive of partners and ex partners.

In-person meetups are held semi-regularly in both Sydney and Melbourne.

The group Administrator is gender-diverse, as well as having a transgender partner themselves.

Interested in joining? Click here to contact us.


Relationships Thriving in Transition

This is a group for relationships where one or more person changes their gender identity and/or expression during a relationship, but those in the relationship WANT to make it work at least as well as it did before, if not better!

Things can certainly improve when people are true to themselves and each other, and those of us who challenge what seems to be the default assumption that relationships won't survive transition discussed the need for a positive space.

Nothing is perfect, and relationships are complicated, however if you are committed to trying to make it work then this is a space to mingle with other people in similar situations.

Non-transitioning partners have especially found it difficult to meet others who can empathise with their decision to stay with a transitioning partner, and are held in the highest respect here.

The group Administrator is non-binary transgender, and their partner is also in the group.

Interested in joining? Click here to contact us.



Looking for support for your children?

Get involved with the amazing Rainbow Families community. There are large events in Sydney as well as smaller regional groups across NSW.

They run a closed Facebook group called Gender Diverse Parents.

Similar organisations exist in other states as well.


Looking for support for your parents?


Looking for other TGD youth to connect with?

Ygender is a support and advocacy group for trans and gender diverse young people, based in Carlton, Victoria.


Are you parent with a gender diverse child?

Parents of Gender Diverse Children provide peer support to parents and those parenting trans and gender diverse children of any age. They also have a number of parents in their group that are trans themselves. Based in Victoria.

The Australian Parents Group connects supportive parents who have TGD children. Based in NSW, they can be contacted This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or messaged through their Facebook admin page. You can also get referred via Twenty10, the NSW Gender Centre, Headspace in Wollongong, A Gender Agenda in the ACT or Transcend in Vic.


Looking for some other form of support?

ACON have amazing resources of their own, as well as documenting all kinds of support groups available for the LGBTIQA+ community across NSW.

Trans Pride Australia is a social and support group for trans and gender diverse people and their loved ones in Australia.